Presenting an Effective Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

After being in a car wreck that was not your fault, there is nothing to guarantee that you will receive compensation to pay for your damages. Insurance companies may offer you a minimal amount, or nothing at all if the liable party tries to blame you for the collision. If you want to be treated fairly and seek deserved financial assistance for your injuries and property damage, you will need to make a motor vehicle accident claim that is effective.

Looking for Evidence Wherever It May Be

Although your car accident claim will probably not go to trial, you should view the situation as if it will, starting with honing your own investigative skills. Immediately after the accident, if possible, take photographs of the scene and record eyewitness testimonies. Insurers react to hard evidence more than speculation, so you need to create a clear picture of what happened that shows you were not liable.

Later on, your own medical treatment can work to your advantage. Doctor notes and medical records are essentially irrefutable proof of your injuries and how much it will cost to treat them. Keep in mind that your cost for treatment now might not be a fraction of the final cost. If you require ongoing rehabilitation, do not settle until you really know what the ultimate total will be.

Bring It All Together

Holding a catalog of useful evidence for your car wreck claim is one thing, making it work to your advantage is another thing altogether. You need to create a clear, concise argument as to why you are not liable for the accident and why you deserve the compensation necessary for your full or maximized recovery. Ideally, your case will be so well put together that you are offered a fair and acceptable settlement, avoiding litigation or a trial. When this is not an option, you must be ready to bring your story to a judge and understand all pertaining legalities.

All of that might seem like a tall order because it is. To make things simpler for yourself while simultaneously increasing your chances of success, contact Roane Law and our Greensboro personal injury attorney today. Our law firm is led by Attorney James Roane, who has more than a decade’s worth of legal experience, and has an investigator on staff to help gather, analyze, and utilize evidence for your case. Call 336.790.5194 and schedule your FREE case evaluation.