Six Hospitalized From Group Home Van Collision

Wednesday, November 9th shortly before 9 a.m. a group home minivan in Guilford County was involved in a car wreck on highway 150.

Six of the van’s passengers were transported to the local hospital, and state troopers have reported that no one was life-threateningly injured.

According to reports, the van was being driven by an employee with no operator’s license. In addition, the woman driving the large vehicle had nothing but a Florida license that had been revoked. These facts were only discovered after the group home van was hit from behind by a pickup truck.

The truck driver has been charged with failure to reduce speed, and as a result six victims – including one child – remain in the hospital recuperating from the injuries they incurred from the wreck.

While there can be no argument that the group home van driver had no business operating the vehicle, there is still no justification for the accident, especially considering the fact that it was not caused by the van operator. Reckless actions such as excessive speeding and a failure to slow down when necessary can quickly lead to accidents, as evidenced by the recent accident in Guildford County. Therefore, despite the fact that the van was being driven by someone who should not have been operating the vehicle, the fault actually lies with the truck driver.

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