Underage Driver Kills Passenger in Accident

Arden, North Carolina is the site of a recent car collision and fatality. Authorities have reported that T. Ashby, only 13 years of age, was illegally behind the wheel with passenger – and friend – Z. Joyce, 15 years of age. The two reportedly took a 2004 Toyota truck of one of their relative’s without permission and went out for what they believed would be a harmless spin.

Unfortunately, this is the furthest thing from what actually happened. Officials are still investigating the matter to determine what ultimately led to the car wreck, however it has been speculated that the boys’ inability to drive could be the sole cause of the accident.

Ashby is being treated at the local hospital, while Joyce did not survive the car wreck. State and local authorities are now left with the difficult task of determining how to issue legal consequences for the wreck.

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