Is Coumadin Safe?

Is Coumadin safe for the elderly? Coumadin is a very dangerous drug if labs aren’t taken to make sure that your blood isn’t getting too “thin”. Coumadin is a popular blood thinner used to treat a variety of health conditions. It helps prevent strokes, blood clots for conditions such as afib. However,

James Roane Becomes a Member of the American Board of Trial Advocates

The American Board of Trial Advocates is a highly active foundation dedicated to preserving the integrity of the legal justice system and improving the quality of legal advocacy across the nation. Members of the American Board of Trial Advocates include some of the most dynamic legal professionals in the area of civil

James Roane Named to the National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers

Greensboro personal injury lawyer James Roane, of Roane Law, has been selected to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers, a great honor and a reflection of his legal skills and case results. When selecting attorneys for this honor, there are stringent requirements that must be met. The selection of Top 100

Attorney Roane’s Landfill Death Case Goes Back to Court

On March 14, The Shelby Star published an article on one of Attorney James Roane’s cases regarding a lawsuit that was filed against Cleveland County. The article begins by explaining how in 2010, T.K., a 24-year-old employee at the Cleveland County landfill was hit by a 40-ton trash compactor that wound up crushing the

NC Dog Bite Law

In North Carolina, there are two ways that an owner may be liable for dog bites. First, N.C.G.S § 67-4.1 provides for strict liability for attacks by “dangerous dogs”. Second, some common law or case law has found that particular breeds of dog such as Rottweilers and Pit Bulls may give rise

What Is an Adult Care Home?

What is an adult care home? An adult care home is what we used to call a rest home. It is a place for the elderly to just get some help with basic needs. Sometimes the elderly really want to stay as independent as possible. They would love to stay in their

How Often Should a Patient Be Turned to Prevent Sores?

How often should nursing home residents be turned to prevent sores? Every two hours!!!??? Right? Maybe not. Turning every two hours is the current standard of care in North Carolina. However, a new study was performed which challenged that standard. It is called the Turning for Ulcer ReductioN (TURN) study. It was performed

Debt Ceiling and the 14th Amendment

The Debt Ceiling is Unconstitutional The Debt Ceiling was created with a laudable goal in mind- put some restraint on congressional spending. Spending goes up every year, and the public knows that this is a real problem for our future. Before becoming President, Barack Obama said: ‘The fact that we are here today

How Will Obamacare Affect Me? the Individual Mandate

ObamaCare starts October 1st right?!? Individual Mandate– ObamaCare or the Affordable Care Act started years ago. Many provisions are already in place, but the Individual Mandate insurance exchanges does start October 1. The Individual Mandate is a requirement that every person buy health insurance. If you already have insurance through your employer or