Insurance and Trial

“Insurance” is not admissible in trials in North Carolina.  No witness can mention insurance, coverage, claims or anything associated with insurance.  The case will be you versus the defendant.  So, the jury will never even be told that there is any insurance at all.  Some jurors then are afraid to render a

Nursing Home Arbitration

Most of the major nursing home chains are requiring new residents to sign Arbitration Agreements. These agreements waive the right to a jury trial, and any potential case will be tried in front of three attorney arbitrators. These Arbitration Agreements can be very complicated and stacked against the resident. Many of the

Dehydration in Nursing Homes

Some residents in nursing homes don’t have the same sense of thirst, and they must be encouraged to drink. If they aren’t encouraged to drink and monitored, they can become dehydrated very quickly. Most good nursing homes simply monitor their intake. It only takes a few seconds for a CNA to write

What Nursing Home Do I Choose?

In a nutshell, avoid the nursing home chains. I have been handling nursing home cases for around seven years. I have litigated maybe around fifty of these cases, tried many to jury trials and arbitrated cases. You can look at Greensboro Nursing Home Review for more information. The one thing that I have learned

How to Handle Property Damage

How do I handle property damage claims to my car? Getting your car paid for can be a real problem when dealing with insurance companies. The first thing you will learn is that the insurance company only needs to pay fair market value for your car. This is NOT replacement value. So,

Car Wreck Medical Treatment

There is the real world, and then there is the insurance world. In the real world, if a person gets hurt they don’t go straight to a doctor unless they are seriously injured. Sometimes, people get in car wrecks and don’t go to the doctor right away. They want to see if

Welcome to Our Greensboro Personal Injury Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our blog. My intent is not to advocate, but to inform. Some readers, especially the management of nursing homes, may not appreciate what I have written. I am taking the facts from Medicare Nursing Home Compare. If you want to respond in a professional