Underage Driver Kills Passenger in Accident

Arden, North Carolina is the site of a recent car collision and fatality. Authorities have reported that T. Ashby, only 13 years of age, was illegally behind the wheel with passenger – and friend – Z. Joyce, 15 years of age. The two reportedly took a 2004 Toyota truck of one of

Six Hospitalized From Group Home Van Collision

Wednesday, November 9th shortly before 9 a.m. a group home minivan in Guilford County was involved in a car wreck on highway 150. Six of the van’s passengers were transported to the local hospital, and state troopers have reported that no one was life-threateningly injured. According to reports, the van was being driven by an

Texting and Driving

We have all seen a lot lately in the news about the dangerousness of texting and driving. It is estimated that over 16,000 deaths were caused by texting and driving. However, this number is probably greatly under-reported. I have been doing personal injury litigation for more than a decade, and not one defendant has ever admitted

Arbitration Car Wreck Cases

Arbitration in car wreck cases is fairly straight-forward.  Both parties pick an arbitrator, and these two arbitrators pick a neutral third.  I have been the plaintiff’s pick in four cases this month.  Generally, it has been a pleasant process.  Plaintiff’s rarely will “ring the bell” and get an extremely high recovery, but they also

Who Is the Real Client?

We all are required by law to buy car insurance.  If we cause a car wreck, the insurance is supposed to cover the damage and defend us.  However, some insurance defense attorneys don’t really represent you.  They represent the people the pay the bills- the insurance company.  This can become really important if

How to Handle Property Damage

How do I handle property damage claims to my car? Getting your car paid for can be a real problem when dealing with insurance companies. The first thing you will learn is that the insurance company only needs to pay fair market value for your car. This is NOT replacement value. So,

Car Wreck Medical Treatment

There is the real world, and then there is the insurance world. In the real world, if a person gets hurt they don’t go straight to a doctor unless they are seriously injured. Sometimes, people get in car wrecks and don’t go to the doctor right away. They want to see if