Golden Living Greensboro

Golden Living Greensboro is located at 1201 Carolina Street. Golden Living is a 105-bed facility, which is larger than most nursing homes in North Carolina. The listed owner of Golden Living is GGNSC Greensboro II, LLC. This facility is most likely actually operated by Beverly Healthcare which is a national chain of nursing homes. Beverly Healthcare doesn't exactly have a great reputation. You can see why GGNSC or "Golden Living" is a more appealing name than Beverly.

2015 REVIEW:Golden Livingcenter Greensboro has fallen from a 4 star facility all the way down to 1 star. 1 star is classified as “Much Below Average.” The staffing levels at Golden Living Greensboro are 3 star average:

2015 Golden Livingcenter Overview

As you can see, the CNA staffing levels are significantly less than the NC average. The average nursing home in NC doesn't have sufficient staff. So, having less than the average is indicative of a problem.

Quality Measures- this year is 2 stars which is "Below Average". In particular the pain levels reported by residents at this Golden Living facility are much higher than expected. Also, the incidence rate of incontinence are 50% higher than the state average. This can sometimes simply mean that residents are classified as incontinent so that staff can put diapers on them instead of taking them to the bathroom.

Health Inspection in March 2015 Golden Living received 7 deficiencies and the state average is only 4. Click on the inspection report to see the full findings.

Conclusion- Golden Living Greensboro should be ranked higher than 1 star. It should probably be closer to a 2-3 star or average facility. The staffing levels are essentially average, and their CNA staff levels has improved since 2013. The Quality Measures were low but not terribly low. While the inspections did find 7 deficiencies, they don't appear to warrant such a low overall rating. The Golden Living Greensboro nursing home is just below an average home in the Piedmont area.