Greensboro Nursing Home Review

Attorney James RoaneWhat are the good nursing homes in the Greensboro area (if any)? Since I handle nursing home abuse cases, people ask me this question a lot. So, I have started putting together information on our Triad area nursing homes. Primarily, I focus on staffing levels. Staffing levels make the biggest difference in whether or not the nursing homes provide good care. Most nurses and CNAs are good people with big hearts, but there just aren't enough of them. The corporations that run these nursing homes just don't hire adequate numbers of staff. I will use a lot of information from Medicare Nursing home information online to see if they have enough and what effect that has on the care at that nursing home. Finally, I have sued some of these homes. During litigation, I often gather a lot of information that I can share with you.

Greensboro Area Nursing Homes From Best to Worst

Top Nursing Homes: (Medicare star ranking)

  • River Landing - (5 star) Consistently a great nursing home.
  • Maryfield Nursing Home (5 star) Always a great nursing home.
  • Friends Home at Guilford (5 star).

Second Tier Nursing Homes

  • Friends Homes West (4 star) staffing levels are not available online.
  • Camden Place (4 star) very nice property but staffing is average.
  • Graybrier Nursing in Trinity - (3 star) good home
  • Clapps Nursing Center, Inc- (3 star) rank has fallen over the years.
  • Whitestone Masonic Home (4 star) staffing increased to above average.
  • Guilford Health Care (4 star) greatly improved from the past.
  • Countryside Manor (4 star) Above average staffing.

Third Tier Nursing Homes

  • Heartland Living - (5 star) The staffing is one star "much below average".
  • Kindred Hospital - (5 star) The staffing is two-star "below average". However, this facility also tends to have patients with high acuity levels requiring more staff.
  • Ashton Place- (3 star) The staffing is above average.
  • Shannon Gray - (3 star) Staffing is average.
  • Blumenthal Jewish - ( 2 star) staffing levels are low but quality measure show staff is working hard to provide care.
  • Westwood Health - (3 star) The staffing is "much below average" one star.

Worst Nursing Homes

  • Westchester Manor (2 star) has very low RN staffing and only one star for staffing.
  • Triad Care - (2 star) Below average staffing, was Sunbridge "special focus" facility and almost shut down in 2007 but now run by Genesis so may improve.
  • Golden Livingcenter Starmount (1 star) staffing is much below average, Kindred is the parent.
  • Golden Livingcenter Greensboro (1 star) The Golden facilities are consistently some of the worst in the triad.
  • Greenhaven Heath and Rehab (2 star) Improving but still work to do. Britthaven parent company.
  • Adams Farm Living - (2 star) One star "much below average" in staffing also.

In summary, the above nursing home ranking and review takes Medicare information and attempts to put it into a more useful form. A Greensboro area nursing home can get an overall 5 stars, but if they have low staffing levels they will likely struggle to provide good care. Also, some homes like Friends Home at Guilford got only two stars because of one incident with a CNA who has been fired. Friends Home is a far better nursing home than two stars.

My goal is to provide information to the public to help show which is the good or bad Greensboro area nursing homes. While I am a nursing home abuse attorney, my intent here is to help residents and their families become informed. Hopefully, with information, we can put economic pressure on our North Carolina nursing homes to provide better care.