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Golden Livingcenter Starmount

Golden Livingcenter Starmount in Greensboro on Holden Road and the intersection of Market Street is a 126-bed skilled nursing home facility. GL Starmount takes both Medicare and Medicaid residents.

2015 Review: The Golden Livingcenter nursing home at Starmount has only received 1 star during their last survey which means this nursing home is ranked "Much Below Average." If you look at their staffing levels, you will see why. The staffing at this nursing home is absolutely terrible:

Golden Livingcenter Starmount Overview

If you look at the RN levels, they are almost half of the North Carolina average. The CNA levels are less than half. These staffing levels are some of the lowest staffing levels of any nursing home that I have ever seen in North Carolina. It will be nearly impossible for the staff there at Golden Livingcenter to properly care for their residents. If you look at CNA staffing, Golden Living now only provides 1 hour and 11 minutes per resident and just two years ago provided 2 hours and 13 minutes. So, the nursing home cut their CNA staff in half. Most studies show that nursing homes must have at a minimum of 4 hours per patient day indirect care staff just to meet just basic needs. Golden Livingcenter has around 2 hours per patient day. This is far too low for basic care and the safety of residents. At only 1 star and this low staffing, this is not a good place for loved ones to stay.

2012 REVIEW: The Overall Rating for 2012 is only two stars, which is below average for nursing homes in North Carolina.

The Staffing Rating at Golden Living is three stars, which is average:

Staffing Rating at Golden Living overview

(The far-right is the US average, the middle is the NC average, and the left column is Golden Living) When you look at the staffing numbers, the LPN and CNA hours are just a little below the state average. The RN hours are a little lower but not too far from the norm. The physical therapy hours are actually higher than the average.

The Quality Measures were four stars above average. Most of the short term measures were very good, except for the use of antipsychotic medications was 6.9% while the state average is only 2.7%. Many nursing homes are criticized for overuse of such medications. Such medications should be used carefully as they can greatly reduce mental functioning. Of course, the residents in the facility may simply need more medications, but I would look at this closely.

The long term Quality Measures are also very good. The facility claims to have zero residents with physical restraints. The only issue that I see is 24.7% of the residents have had a need for increased help for ADLs. The state average is 19.7%. Again, this is a concern for over-medication, but it could simply reflect higher acuity levels.

Health Inspections Rating was only two stars, which is below average. The nursing home received 5 deficiencies, and the state average is only 3.8. Honestly, the number of deficiencies alone doesn't give you enough information. Most of the deficiencies were for very minor issues. You can click here to read the last DHHS survey results from December 2012. It seems that the deficiencies were nonclinical and dealing with discharge procedures only.

Golden Livingcenter Starmount has had some problems in the past. I haven't been inside in a few years, but back then the place smelled bad. It smelled like bleach and urine. Such smells are some evidence of uncleanliness and possible lack of attentive CNAs. Some residents were still in their beds late in the morning when they should have been got up. However, I have heard that the facility has had some major changes in administration and they are really working hard to make things better. I know that some nursing home operators are reading these blogs. So, if you want to send me some information regarding the home I would be glad to review and possibly post it. While I am a nursing home abuse attorney, I want to provide information to the public. I intend to review nursing homes every year. I hope that we can work together to provide such information.

UPDATE- I recently starting trying to summarize all of the nursing homes in the Greensboro area. I have placed a ranking of the best to worst of all nursing homes on another blog post.