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Alston Brook Lexington

Alston Brook nursing home in Lexington North Carolina is a 100-bed nursing facility. It is a mixed facility. Sixty-four of these beds are skilled nursing beds in the "Granny's Place" wing. "Greene's Commons" is a short term rehab wing. Finally, the "Lillian's Way" wing is a dementia unit. Overall, Alston Brook is a five-star nursing home which is the best score possible. As always, the staffing levels should be analyzed. Alston Brook received a four-star rating for staffing:

Nursing Home Staffing




Total Number of Residents




Total number of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day

1 hour and 39 minutes

1 hour and 37 minutes

1 hour and 37 minutes

RN Hours per Resident per Day

46 minutes

45 minutes

48 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per Resident per Day

52 minutes

52 minutes

50 minutes

CNA Hours per Resident per Day

2 hours and 38 minutes

2 hours and 26 minutes

2 hours and 28 minutes

Physical Therapy Staff Hours per Resident per Day

3 minutes

7 minutes

6 minutes

As you can see, this facility appears to have right at the average level of staffing in North Carolina. It received an above-average staffing rating, so I am a little unsure about that. Perhaps it is warranted as the CNA hours appear good.

During their last inspection in 2012, Alston Brook received zero deficiencies. This is very good as the average nursing home receives three deficiencies in North Carolina.

Their quality measures for short term residents appear to be really good. For example, 99.5% of pneumonia vaccine and 0% were on antipsychotic medications. I personally think that the low medication rate is excellent as many nursing homes over-medicate their residents.

On the other hand, some of the long term residents seemed to have some problems. For example, 5.2% had one or more falls with major injury compared to the North Carolina average of 3.1%. This is almost twice the North Carolina average for serious falls. In other nursing homes, falls were often caused by inexperienced CNAs, too few CNAs, lack of in-service training, leaving residents on the toilets unattended, failures to answer call lights. I don't know if these things were occurring at Alston Brook, but falls can have devastating consequences in the elderly.

The levels of UTIs were very high at 13.7% compared to the average nursing home 7.5%. Again, this is almost double the North Carolina average. Residents need to be taken to the toilet as needed and kept clean and dry. Only 1.3% of the residents had catheters, so I am frankly unsure as to why this UTI rate is this high. Hydration levels and intake should be monitored. If you want to see how Alston Brook compares to other nursing homes in the Piedmont area, take a look at Nursing Home Reviews.