Countryside Manor Nursing

Countryside Manor is a four-star (above average) nursing home located on Hwy 158 in Stokesdale. Countryside is the skilled nursing part of Countryside Village. The Village is independent living while the Manor is skilled care. Countryside Manor has skilled beds.

Nursing Home Staffing




Total Number of Residents




Total number of licensed nurse staff hours per resident per day

1 hour and 17 minutes

1 hour and 37 minutes

1 hour and 38 minutes

RN Hours per Resident per Day

45 minutes

45 minutes

48 minutes

LPN/LVN Hours per Resident per Day

33 minutes

52 minutes

50 minutes

CNA Hours per Resident per Day

3 hours and 5 minutes

2 hours and 27 minutes

2 hours and 28 minutes

Physical Therapy Staff Hours per Resident per Day

3 minutes

6 minutes

6 minutes

Staffing- Countryside received four stars (above average) for staffing. However, when I look at this staffing it appears to be just average. If you see, the licensed staff (RNs and LPNs) is actually lower than the state average. On the other hand, CNA hours are much higher. In my opinion, this is more important than licensed staff levels. CNAs provide more than 75% of all hands-on care in nursing homes. So, while Countryside technically is more average in staffing, they should have enough to provide good care.

Quality Measures- Countryside Manor got four stars (above average) for Quality Measures. Quality Measures shows how the residents are doing at this nursing home. The only troublesome indicator is the number of residents who are incontinent. At Countryside, 74.4% are incontinent while the state average is 53%. Sometimes nursing homes will claim that residents are incontinent and then put diapers on them because it is easier than getting them up. Usually, this happens at facilities with low CNA staffing levels. Countryside has good staffing, so it is possible this nursing home simply has a lot of residents who can't control their bowel and bladder. However, this is still a very high number and should be watched. Residents who can tell staff when they need to go shouldn't have diapers unless they have mobility problems.

Inspections- Countryside Manor received three stars (average) for inspections. They received 5 deficiencies during the last state inspection. The average nursing home in North Carolina only gets 3.2 deficiencies. During the last inspection, the state found that a resident was left in the shower and not toileted properly. You can see a full copy of the state report here. If you look above at the incontinence issue that I noted, it gives me some greater concerns about staff.

Overall- Overall Countryside Manor should be a good nursing home. With four stars it is above average, and their CNA staffing levels are very good. So, most likely the issues that they had with the last few inspections would not be typical of this home. If you want to compare it to other local nursing homes,